Industrial Chemicals


Modern high heat flux boilers require both external treatment and internal treatment chemicals. The external treatment is designed to remove dissolved ions and gasses. The internal treatment is designed to prevent or minimize the scale formation, corrosion caused due to dissolved oxygen. The program is designed to treat water in pre boiler, boiler and post boiler such as condensate return.
Our internal water treatment chemicals include the, thorough system understanding to ensure that the treatment program can work effectively from start up. The applications are internal softeners.
Oxygen scavenger: reacts with tract amounts of dissolved oxygen gas to prevent oxygen caused corrosion throughout the system.
Sludge conditioner: helps in disturbing crystallization, the scales are extremely undesirable as they impede the heat transfer; lead to under deposit corrosion and cause boiler metal failure.
Condensate neutralization: is formulated to prevent corrosion in the after boiler section, by neutralizing acids or by forming a passivity surface layer, to prevent either oxygen or carbonic acid attack. More over the product is volatile and hence comes back with condensate water, which will reduce the dosage of chemicals on long run.
In addition to the above products other ranges include pH booster, tannin based sludge conditioner etc.


Our programs are designed to accomplish following things to keep the plant system free of corrosion and deposits, and prevent micro biological growth. The micro biological growth is worse conductor to heat than inorganic scale keeping this mind the treatment program is designed to include very effective biocide.
Scale and Corrosion: The product includes orthophosphate, pyrophosphate, organophosphate, zinc and molybdenum based proven corrosion inhibitors and terpolymer based scale control treatment which distorts the crystallization even when the system is under stress conditions and high hardness and high temperature.

Microbiological Control

Micro organism can form deposit on any surface. In addition, corrosion or iron depositing bacterial cause corrosion products, which subsequently deposit as voluminous foulants.
Both oxidizing and non oxidizing biocides are offered to control of micro biological growth. Our comprehensive treatment program includes bromine based product, bio dispersant to break slime coating over micro organism thus the biocides can act completely on organism.

Monitoring of Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment Program

For every treatment program there are specific chemical concentration ranges where it functions best and provides the intended protection. If not properly controlled they lead into either less efficient treatment which can cause failure of treatment program or lead into excess of chemical dosage which can cause costly treatment program. Hence the monitoring of the treatment decides the optimum level of chemical dosage and effective utilization of it. There are log methods of monitoring systems are available based on the size, problem, specific needs.


Our fireside treatment chemicals offer you the following advantage:
1. Increase combustion efficiency
2. Provide cleaner fireside surface
3. Reduce smoke, acid particle in the flu gas
4. Raise the pH of resulting ash and neutralize acid attack
5. Emulsify and disperse water in fuel oils


Water Analysis Kits
Realizing that monitoring of boiler feed water, and boiler blow down water, cooling water is very important to achieve the purpose of treatment chemical. It has been specially designed to test the water in the field.
Easy, quick analysis of parameters such as hardness, alkalinity, phosphate, sulphate, chlorides, silica, TDS, pH.


We have range of flocculants in both
An Ionic Flocculant
Cat Ionic Flocculant
Silicon Defoamers


When you need clear answers for better membrane performance, you're ready for the Dewborn Membrane Solutions team. We work with you to help you develop the best possible membrane solutions for your water treatment system.
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We work with you, to create comprehensive and complete plans best suited to your organization's needs.
Antiscalants, or chemical “scale inhibitors,” prevent mineral deposits from building on your membrane, causing fouling. Our Dewborn product line helps resolve these problems—and in almost every instance, at a lower cost than it would be to use ion exchange to remove hardness. When you combine our highly effective antiscalants with our DEWBORN technology, you know that the dosing always is right, not too much (which can lead to polymer fouling), not too little (which will lead to mineral scaling), but just the right amount.
Cleaning products
When a membrane does need cleaning, our Dewborn chemical product line removes most foulants and restores performance in all types of membrane systems. We can provide you cleaners specifically formulated to remove mineral scale, insoluble scale, organic fouling or microbial residue.
Biofouling is inevitable in every membrane system, however, using Dewborn biocides you can minimize the impact of biogrowth on the operation of your RO system. The right biocide program can reduce your need for membrane cleaning, reducing your overall cost of operation. Our Dewborn biocides are membrane safe and can be used online or offline.