About us:

A few words about us

Dewborn Chemical (Mfg.) Pvt.Ltd., - An ISO 9001-2008 COMPANY started with manufacturing and servicing of Water Treatment Chemicals. Dewborn Chemical (Mfg.) Pvt.Ltd.,is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals including water treatment chemicals in India.

Our 24 years of service and continued growth supports our position in the marketplace to provide top quality boiler, cooling, waste water treatment chemical products, including an extensive line of scale & corrosion inhibitors, across multiple industry segments.

People Behind Dewborn

Our advantages:


We integrate the latest technology and innovations into our products which enables them to perform in a vast array of water environments. Our formulations are designed to achieve the specific goals of our customers and their systems.

We're known for more than just our expertise in water treatment chemicals. We also provide backup assistance to technical problems and recommendations on chemical application. At Dewborn®, we know you need more than quality products. Let us show you why we are the dependable partner so many industry professionals rely on.


1. Proven formulations at competitive price with quality
2. Reduce fuel and electrical consumption through improved heat transfer efficiency.
3. Minimized repair and maintenance costs associated with replacement and cleaning.
4. Professional, knowledgeable and involved sales/service personnel to ensure program success.

5. Accurately monitor program results and communicate appropriate recommendations with quantifiable business justifications.
6. Thoroughly train personnel on the implementation and control of the program.
7. Competitive water treatment program costs.
8. Awareness Creation Program to the Plant Personals


In our present set up we have about 1500sq.feet area with two reactors, one 50 litres pilot plant with vaccum pump and another 200 litres. Both are made up of SS-316 with condensers, receivers, nitrogen gas burging and heating pads. We can operate upto 300 deg.cel temperature. We also have oil bath and small heating vessel for trial batches. This manufacturing setup is supported by one chemist, one skilled and two unskilled manpower in addition to administrative set up. Also we have reaction cum fractional distillation assembly 50 Litres, which is made by glass.

In addition to this DEWBORN is supported by robust manufacturing facility at Nellore – Andhra Pradesh which is situated on Chennai - Kolkata high way. Our Nellore facility has 500 Liter SS 316 reactor, cooling tower, abundant water, water treatment plant, and is approved by AP pollution control board, inspector of factories.

The Nellore facility is taken care by well trained staffs.

Our Vision

1. We are in the field of speciality chemicals successfully operating in all major markets.
2. Provide customers products to make them delight by exceeding expectations consistently in terms of specifications, delivery, technical support, regulatory compliance and competitiveness.
3. Constantly improve procedures, technologies, infrastructure and the quality of the products produced.
4. Ensure optimum training to all the personnel accountable for quality related and safety activities to ensure success of DEWBORN®
5. Maintain mutually beneficial relationship with vendors, enrich the Quality of life of employees and provide lasting value to all concerned at large.
6. We strive for "Progress Always".

Our Mission

Below is our humble mission which we strive to attain keeping in mind the highest quality standard possible.
1. To make DEWBORN® one of the best speciality chemical company by offering intelligent solutions based on innovative products and tailor made services.
2. To create opportunities for success through trusted and reliable partnerships.